Children's Acting Classes Sydney

Give your kid a great dramatic grounding with acting classes for toddlers to teens

Out of all the performance skills, acting is often is the hardest to grasp. Drama is based on emotions and less easy to explain in terms of simple repetition and training like singing, dancing and playing an instrument. This is why when looking for children acting classes in Sydney that will let your kids talents flourish; you should go straight to L.A. Talent.

Our great kids acting classes will ensure your children learn the basics of drama school technique while having fun and making lots of new friends.

Some other advantages of enrolling in our children acting classes in Sydney

  • A great way to build a child’s confidence
  • Acting classes for toddlers and children are a great way to encourage a child’s imagination
  • Group acting exercises teach children to work well with others

So whether your child is an extrovert with extra energy bubbling over or you think a kids acting class could bring your shy toddler out of their shell, then enquire with L.A. Talent about their great drama classes for children. Call (02) 9744 9743 or email us today for information on our acting classes or any other of our performance lessons plans like our range of kid’s dancing classes.