Children's Guitar Lessons in Sydney

Your children can carry a skill for life with what they learn in our guitar lessons

Playing guitar is simple to learn but can take a life time to master. With L.A. Talent’s great children’s guitar lessons in Sydney, your kid can gain a passion that will sustain them through all stages of their life.

No matter what level they already play at, our talented music teachers can plan a children’s guitar lesson that will push your child to learn and go further every lesson while always enjoying themselves and never think of playing guitar as a chore.

Some of the great advantages that come from our children’s guitar lessons in Sydney

  • To learn guitar teaches children the importance of patience and dedication
  • Improves hand-eye coordination and dexterity
  • Gives children a fantastic outlet and encourages them to be creative

Whether they choose to pursue it simply as a way to break the ice in large groups or just a way to unwind, our children’s guitar lessons in Sydney will give them a positive and creative outlet. Call (02) 9744 9743 or email us to learn more about our guitar classes in Sydney or enquire about one of our different styles of children’s dance classes.